Fixed prosthesis

This dental service consists of:

The dental prosthesis is a dental branch which specializes in obtaining balanced teeth from both functional and aesthetic point of view. The guaranteed lifespan for all prosthesis performed at the Swiss Ecodent Klinik is 10 years so long as the hygienic and prevention conditions recommended by the dentist are met.

Our clinic has its’ own dental technique lab which has the special equipment needed for creating the constructions to be applied over the teeth’s or the implant’s surfaces and ceramic works on a zirconium biocompatible bed by applying the computerized technology CAD/CAM (Computer-Aided Design/ Computer-Aided Manufacturing).

The Swiss Ecodent dentists are internationally specialized and certified in the dental prosthesis and aesthetic field.

Types of prosthesis:

  • prosthesis works – dental crowns and tooth bridges
  • dental incrustations – inlay, onlay
  • dentures – fixed/mobile, with or without special systems
  • dental dressings – Lumineers, Veneers.

Inlay/ Onlay is a treatment ceramic solution which is made in the lab and takes the tooth’s form in an obturation place where up to 3 sides of the side teeth can be involved. The solutions can be made of gold, zirconium, acrylic or pressed ceramic. Their average lifespan is up to 20 years. These restorations are beneficial from a functional and aesthetic point of view.

Before – Traditional seal
After – Inlay & Onlay
The procedure is called Onlay when the deterioration is extensive and it includes one or more cusps (tooth crowns) or totally covering the occlusion surface and the side walls.

Veneers are used for the front teeth that need their whole visible surface to be restored because of a cavity or a defect. Those made in Romania last between 5 and 10 years while those made in Switzerland last up to 25 years.
Veneers pros:
  • aesthetic
  • predictable results
  • lack of post-surgery sensitivity
  • comfortable.
Lumineers are by far superior to any of their kind. They have become popular in the last 30 years, being the favorite of the Hollywood stars. They are made of durable, long-lasting porcelain and they can be as thin as contact lenses.

Lumineers pros:
  • aesthetics
  • predictable results
  • lack of post-surgery sensitivity
  • comfortable.

The crowns are prosthesis that cover or wrap around the visible part of the tooth. They are used in cases when the cavity/enamel/dentin tooth destruction is greater and it can only be redone through an obturation or inlay/onlay. Generally, they are used when over 60% of the tooth surface is destroyed.

Crown pros:

  • restoring the tooth from an aesthetic and functional point of view
  • it requires only a few sessions for building
  • the patient gets easily accustomed to the crowns.

The tooth bridges can be built from several materials:

  • metallic ceramic
  • zirconium
  • acrylic
  • CAD-CAM.

The tooth bridges are fixed prosthesis that are being used for a long time. They are made of 2 parts and each of them plays a role in making the prosthesis and allowing it to function.

The aggregation elements are the pieces that ensure the tooth bridges. They are basically crowns attached to the bridge. They will be cemented on the specially prepared teeth, sustaining the body of the bridge. They are built from one piece for the durability of the prosthesis.

The body is the part of the tooth bridge which ensures the replacing of the missing teeth. A bridge can have several bodies depending on the number of breaches which it is restoring.

Special bridges:

  • Implant bridges – they are supported on the jaw bone dentures
  • Bridges with special systems – they are movable bridges that use special anchoring systems similar to the moving prosthesis: eyelets, grooves, and telescopes
  • Inlay bridges – they have aggregation elements instead of crowns, incrustations or inlays
  • Bridges on dental pivots – they are not different from the natural teeth bridges, with the exception of the start of the bridge.

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