Prophylaxis and Prevention

  • Complete and periodic hygiene
  • Temporary teeth aka milk teeth
  • Orthodontics
  • Oral ID / oral cancer detection
  • Laser dental hypersensitivity treatment
  • Laser dental bleaching
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Fixed Prosthesis

  • On your own teeth/ implants
  • Inlay/ Onlay
  • Veneers
  • Lumineers
  • Crowns/ cemented dental bridges
Vezi detalii


  • Classic/ invisible treatments for children and adults
  • Guaranteed treatments with predictable results
  • Dental training for prophylactic purposes
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  • Periodontal surgery
  • Hyaluronic acid + Laser + Piezosurgery
  • PRGF/ Emdogain as treatment
  • Bio-Oss/ Bio-Guide adjuvant
  • Gingival/ bone graft transplantation
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Dental services

We save, not extirpate. *

Questions and Answers

Broken tooth/ painful/ lack/ whiter
Dental implant
Dental restoration
Fear of the dentist
Broken dental prosthesis
Treatment under anesthesia
Painless treatment

For more information on questions that you might have, go to the questions and answers page.

Implants & Surgery

  • Implants +/- sinus lift direct/ indirect
  • Implants +/- bone augmentation
  • Bone spreading
  • Bone graft +/- PRGF
  • Gingival graft +/- PRGF
  • Socket preservation
  • Lateralization technique and Inferior Alveolar Nerve Transposition
  • Laser in perimplants
  • Apical resections
  • Cystectomy with or w/o filling
  • Sequestrectomy
  • Extracting included/partially included wisdom teeth
  • Laser frenectomy/ papillectomy/ gingivectomy
  • Laser implant operculectomy
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Dental Aesthetics

  • Laser teeth whitening
  • Invisible orthodontology with Safire, ceramic brackets/ classic or Invisalign
  • Physiognomical fillings
  • Ceramic Inlay/ Onlay
  • Dental facets Veneers/ Lumineers
  • Personalized prosthesis with 25 years warranty (performed in Switzerland)
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Missing Teeth

  • Crowns and dental bridges made of metal and ceramic, zirconium, pressed ceramic, acrylic, CAD-CAM
  • Prosthesis: total/partial, temporary, skeletal, telescopical, on special systems (eyelet, Dolder bar, locator)
  • Implants: Straumann, MiS, AlphaBio, Bredent, temporary implants
  • Fast implants – simultaneously performed with the tooth extraction +/- bone augmentation
  • Delayed implants (4-6 weeks after extraction)
  • All-on-4 / All-on-6
  • Implants with immediate loading (frontal zone)
  • Dental bridges/ crowns/ implants
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Treatments for Special Cases

  • ATI – General Anaesthesia
  • Inhalo- or analgo-sedation
  • Halitosis treatment
  • Oral ID
  • Pregnant patients
  • Patients with diabetes / osteoporosis / special Implantology / surgery / Periodontology
  • Endodontic canal treatments under Zeiss microscope
  • Establishing occlusion using facial arc / selective grinding / individual trays
  • Treatment of sleep apnoea aka snoring
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