At the first visit, the reception desk team will help you fill in a form in regards to your general well-being and also you will talk to a dentist about your medical history and potential health issues. Here, cases related to serious affections (cardiology, diabetes, osteoporosis etc.) will also be taken into account and approached accordingly.

The dentist will start the specialized examination with the help of an intraoral camera which will be followed by a panoramic dental x-ray, if you have decided on a full dental examination. During all of this, the dentist will show you everything there is to know and will explain in detail what it entails.
The purpose of the exam is to inform you of your current dental status, what is happening to your teeth and to help the dentist choose accordingly the best dental treatment.

At the end of this first visit, a personalized individual treatment will be presented based on the examination that just took place and you will learn the details of the best medical and financial solution for your case.